In less than 24 hours I will have gone through security and will be [patiently] waiting to board my flight to Switzerland….er London rather…

…THEN Switzerland.

Once I arrive in Geneva, I will then proceed to board a train to Lausanne. If everything goes without a hitch, I and my friends will be meeting Alain, a student from UniL, who will then take us to our respective residences, where we will meet our respective landlords, and begin unpacking and settling into our respective rooms (too many respectives?).

This is how I have planned it. The actual sequence of events that will take place is yet to be known. Until then, I will be frantically packing, but most of all just desperately hoping that I will not forget something crucial and arrive in Switzerland having remembered 8 pair of shoes and completely forgotten socks, or more likely, having remembered to pack 1000 Q-Tips (do they sell those in Switzerland…surely the Swiss clean their ears…?) and forgetting to grab my laptop charger.

Alas, this will not happen! For I am a list-maker; an over-thinker!! I WILL remember to pack Q-Tips AND my laptop charger.

To Be Continued…