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I didn’t know that they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Switzerland, but apparently there are a few Irish souls here in Lausanne who enjoy a jig and a Guinness if the occasion calls for it on a certain day in the middle of March.

Last night, I was fortunate enough have the opportunity to attend one of the [only?] St. Patrick’s Day celebrations here in Lausanne. It took place at the fairly packed from wall-to-wall King Size Pub at Le Flon. There was a legit “Irish” band playing on the stage, speaking plenty of French in between singing “Whiskey in the Jar” and “The Wearing of the Green.” Very strange indeed, yet surprisingly entertaining!

The King Size is one of the main places Lausanne where it’s really “cool” to speak English. Most of the bartenders at least try to speak a few words of English, and they might even strike up a conversation with you if they hear your American accent (it’s probably cooler if you have a British accent…but I don’t have access to one of those).

I found it amusing that the workers were all clad in Scottish kilts…but it’s all celtic, eh? Overall, it was a great night, and I wore green, as to avoid getting pinched (not punched, as my roommate initially thought I had meant…)
If ever I’m in Lausanne on St. Patrick’s Day again, I will most definitely be attending the festivities at The King Size Pub! And you should too!

I just discovered that I missed ZU2, who is performing tonight at the King Size (there are continuing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day into the weekend). ZU2, as I’m sure you are aware, is the “official” U2 cover band…………………..
what a shame that I had to miss that…….




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