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So, I realize that I have not really been on the ball with this whole blog thing lately. I have been getting many complaints about not having posted anything recently- so here’s your post. Unfortunately, I don’t really have time to post something interesting or useful today, so instead, I will sum up what I’ve been doing lately, and what I will be up to in the week to come:

Last weekend- Went to Paris!! It was really, really, really amazing and we had loads of fun. I took about 1000 pictures (no exaggeration here) so it will take me a while to sort through them all. I also have plenty of great stories to tell, so look forward to hearing about gypsies, the Eiffel Tower, cemeteries, the Louvre, etc. However, for the time being, you will have to just wait.

This week- Extremely hectic. I’ve had assignments due every single day in all of my classes and I’ve also had TWO tests. Assignments and tests.
NO BUENO. (<— not French)
Also, I've been busy preparing for NEXT week, which is EASTER BREAK!!!!

Next week- Trip around the world!! Or at least around Europe. We are leaving tomorrow for a whole week of travel (by car! AH) visiting Zurich (the foreign part of Switzerland that I have not visited yet…they speak German there- how bizarre!), Austria, and Italy.

So, that is all I have time for.
Ps- in other news, I have started a new blog that I will reserve for photos only. There are just a few pictures on there now, but I am planning on adding many, many more when I return from the Easter break! You can find my other blog here


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